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We all have unique skills, unique needs, and a unique body. When we use health and performance data to find out the best life for you, it helps you create the best kind of a life connected to your purpose and ultimately possibility. We call this our bio-individuality.


How to Use Sports Science to Enhance Your Life

On the Sport Science and Recovery Podcast, I sit down with today’s top health and performance experts to bring you the latest sports science, recovery, and performance insights that are rooted in science. If you want to learn ‘how’ to think, not just ‘what’ to think to help you maximize recovery and performance, and create champions for life, then this podcast is for you.

Sharran Srivatsaa

CEO Srilo Capital

"Justin has taught me how to run my body and my energy in the same way I run my business. His extremely clear focus on data driven energy & how is unique to me has helped me understand how to control the ordinary inputs to get extraordinary results every day."

Warren Sarafinchan

CEO of BC Tree Fruits Cooperative

“Justin takes a holistic approach to finding personal solutions for both your mind, body and soul. I have been a high performance athlete and executive my entire life but felt I had ‘lost a step’. Justin totally invested in me to change this trajectory and I am now hitting my stride again. If you feel like you have more in the tank but are not sure how to get it, I would encourage you to reach out to him.” 

Josh Belk

CEO Lodestar Tax

"I've been a part of a lot of masterminds and coaching platforms and nothing is like Own It. They have worked with me to bring structure, clarity and process to my vision while making sure I live in a way that is congruent with my core values, thus maximizing my energy. They are the real deal. By asking the right questions to provide both direction, support and practical energy management, they help to transform high achievers into consistent peak performers."

About Me

A life obsessed with seeking success and fulfillment.

Pushing the edges of health and high-performance to find our peak level of [something]

On a decades-long journey to find out what makes us, on a physiological, mental, and spiritual level, truly come alive and be fulfilled.

Justin is a performance coach to elite athletes and executives, bestselling author, and entrepreneur. He’s the co-founder of the Own It Coaching system, the Own It App (powered by Whoop), and the host of the Sports Science and Recovery Podcast.


It’s not just a talk, it’s a new model for human health and performance.

Justin captivates audiences with his visionary speaking style that holistically integrates data and real-world experience.

He gives keynotes and workshops that leave you with both practical tools and the inspiration to seek your best life.