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“Energy and passion like nobody you have ever met…thought provoking that leads to action taking…you can truly feel the emotion that he presents with.”

Own Your Different

If you’re looking to create more than just an event, but an experience that will change the lives’ of your attendees, you’ve to the right place

Justin Roethlingshoefer, “the data guy,” brings to the stage a rare combination of the latest scientific data wrapped into a framework that attendees can actually use, delivering insights that open us up to a limitless human potential.

His core philosophy is that you can’t separate peak physical performance from good health, emotional and mental wellbeing, and a deeper spiritual purpose.


He is the co-founder of Own It Coaching, a multiple seven-figure coaching company that applies this health and performance philosophy to clients ranging from NHL stars, to Fortune 50 executives, ordinary people who know they’re destined for elite performance. He’s also the creator of the Own It App powered by WHOOP, which provides simple data collection, meaningful insights, and personalized plans to help users OWN their habits and improve recovery, health, and performance.

Just has spoken at dozens of events, including the TEDx stage, [place], and [place]. He’s the host of the Sports Science and Recovery Podcast and The Own It Show. Additionally, Justin is the author of three books (Amazon bestsellers), including Intent: A Practical Approach to Applied Sports Science for Athletic Development, Blueprint and Own It.

As a speaker, Justin has a rare combination as an invigorating presenter who perks up every member of the audience, who’s also able to deliver cutting-edge scientific information in simple framework and digestible messages.

On stage, Justin captivates, entertains, and inspires with a combination of personal stories, frameworks a part of the Own It System, and science. He draws on his experience in the most competitive arenas in both athletics and business, but also brings the wisdom of the brilliant business leaders, scientists, and performance specialists who he’s worked with. Whatever Justin is speaking on, you can be sure you’ll come away with big-picture insights and action steps you’ll be excited to take the very next day.

Speaking Topics

Living a life in “Ownership”

Leadership in the data age

“Own” Your Different

True health and high Performance

3 Reasons To Work Together

Reason 1


Justin leads with an energy and passion that is infectious, it fills the room.  His ability to connect with an audience is second to none, and will move people deeply while connecting emotionally. 

Reason 2


through storytelling and ownership Justin is able to inspire an audience to action.  It is not uncommon for there to be laughter, tears, elation, and thinking in a single keynote…that leads to one heck of a session.

Reason 3


In many keynotes you can be moved and inspired but leaves you confused on how to take action. With Justin You’ll learn groundbreaking frameworks, applications, and action steps that anybody in the audience can apply tomorrow and will immediately improve your life.

Sharran Srivatsaa

CEO Srilo Capital

"Justin has taught me how to run my body and my energy in the same way I run my business. His extremely clear focus on data driven energy & how is unique to me has helped me understand how to control the ordinary inputs to get extraordinary results every day."

Warren Sarafinchan

CEO of BC Tree Fruits Cooperative

“Justin takes a holistic approach to finding personal solutions for both your mind, body and soul. I have been a high performance athlete and executive my entire life but felt I had ‘lost a step’. Justin totally invested in me to change this trajectory and I am now hitting my stride again. If you feel like you have more in the tank but are not sure how to get it, I would encourage you to reach out to him.” 

Josh Belk

CEO Lodestar Tax

"I've been a part of a lot of masterminds and coaching platforms and nothing is like Own It. They have worked with me to bring structure, clarity and process to my vision while making sure I live in a way that is congruent with my core values, thus maximizing my energy. They are the real deal. By asking the right questions to provide both direction, support and practical energy management, they help to transform high achievers into consistent peak performers."

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