This is a picture of me giving what I expected to be the most important speech of my life…instead I gave it to an empty room.

I had rented out Lululemon’s New York City headquarters. I had sponsors with their own banners on stage, stacks of all three of my books, and dozens of RSVPs.

After my unceremonious exit from the National Hockey League performance training world, I felt I was ready for my next big move. This would be it.

I was scheduled to speak at 8pm, but I stood ready to greet people right when the doors opened at 7. At 7:30, I figured everybody would show up on time. It was New York, after all, one of the busiest cities in the world.

8 o’clock came and went. All the fanfare, the sponsors, the cameras, and nobody even came. When I say nobody…I mean ZERO people showed up. The only person that walked through that I had not hired to come was a homeless man asking if there was a coffee he could have, in which we gave him 3, a protein bar, a book and a piece of fruit as he went on his way.

I thought…it’s NYC, everyone is always late. Nope. Maybe the directions were wrong? Nope. At 835pm the realization hit…nobody was coming. I had a choice to make; pack up and go home, or go on as if the room was full. There was only 1 choice. I stood up there and gave that speech as if the room were full. I spoke firmly on the issues that mattered to me: how to take the methodologies and lessons from elite performance and help ordinary people live their best lives

“Mark my words, there will be a point when this room is full.” I saw the eyerolls from the media and cameramen, and the cringes on the few faces that even felt bad for me.


Just three years later, it would be.


That book that sat in stacks in that fancy New York City room was the first fuel for what, three years later, became a multiple 7-figure business.

Below, you can read more about the specifics of my journey, and exactly how I help leaders, executives, and athletes transform their health and performance.

But from this story, I hope you’ve heard everything you need to know. Just like everybody in life, I’ve failed. I’ve been embarrassed, gotten fired, slept in my car, commuted two hours a day.

Yet, in the end, I found a way to pull myself out of it, and bring everybody in my life up with me.

Through every threadline, from minor hockey, to the NHL, to working with Fortune 50 companies, my obsession with success and the pursuit of fulfillment has tipped me over the edge, now matter how many setbacks it took.


At the core, I’m a leader, visionary, creative, who’s obsessed with the pursuit of true, holistically integrated fulfillment in life, and helping everybody in my life own what their version of success is.

Now, the version in case I’m speaking at your event or coming on your podcast


Justin Roethlingshoefer centers his performance-enhancing programs on a holistic approach to health and performance. His core philosophy is that you can’t separate peak physical performance from good health, emotional and mental wellbeing, and a deeper spiritual purpose.

He is the co-founder of Own It Coaching, a multiple seven-figure coaching company that applies this health and performance philosophy to clients ranging from NHL stars, to Fortune 50 executives, ordinary people who know they’re destined for elite performance.

He’s also the creator of the Own It App powered by WHOOP, which provides simple data collection, meaningful insights, and personalized plans to help users OWN their habits and improve recovery, health, and performance.

Just has spoken at dozens of events, including the TEDx stage, [place], and [place]. He’s the host of the Sports Science and Recovery Podcast and The Own It Show.

Additionally, Justin is the author of three books (Amazon bestsellers), including Intent: A Practical Approach to Applied Sports Science for Athletic Development and Own It.

Whether it’s his coaching, writing, or speaking, Justin is well-regarded for his ability to take complex scientific topics and distill them into practical, applicable action steps. He has a rare combination of the ability to understand the science of sports performance, sleep, and recovery on a deep level, while being able to translate and distill the complex topics into a form others can actually use.